We are so proud of Kyle for what he has done and we miss him dearly. Kyle's beautiful spirit lives on through others and his legacy will shine forever.

He truly is a HERO!

Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network is proud to serve as the federally designated not-for-profit agency that coordinates organ and tissue donation and supports families of donors in the northern three-quarters of Illinois and northwest Indiana.

Since their inception in 1986, they have coordinated donations that have saved the lives of 17,000 organ transplant recipients and helped hundreds of thousands of other patients receive needed tissue transplants.

Kyle shines on... will you?

Through his own death Kyle became a HERO. 7 organs. 5 recipients. We have met one of Kyle's recipients. Kyle cured her Diabetes with his gift of a kidney and pancreas transplant. He saved her from going on dialysis. Sue is a wonderful person. Considering we have diabetes in our family this was especially touching. Kyle shines on; lives on through her. His legacy of truly being a HERO will never be forgotten and we will remember and acknowledge that forever. Kyle's other recipients include a 45 year old man from Illinois who received Kyle's big, beautiful heart, a 25 year old man from Pennsylvania who received Kyle's lungs, a 48 year old man from Illinois who received Kyle's liver, and a 18 year old man from Illinois who received Kyle's right kidney.

The need for organ donation is urgent. Nationally there are more than 110,000 people waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant.

Almost 5,000 people alone in Illinois are waiting.

About every 10 minutes, a new person is added to the national waiting list.

On the average about 18 people die each day while waiting for a transplant.

To be an organ donor visit www.donatelife.net. Keep your legacy shining. It only takes a few seconds to save someone else's life! Sign up today!
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