kyle zuleg by waterfall
Kyle's desire to become a sports commentator developed from his love of sports and his xBox.


One of the missions of the Kyle Zuleg Foundation is to provide scholarships to students who want to pursue a media communications degree. Kyle had aspirations of becoming a sports broadcaster. Kyle was a member of the Wildcat Weekly News program and always enjoyed being a commentator. One of the fundraising events was initiated by the Neuqua Valley High School volleyball players. It was just a few months after Kyle's accident that Kyle's teammates got together and sold Kyle Adam Zuleg #17 wristbands to remember Kyle as a person and an athlete and because it was something they could keep with them wherever they went. Kyle's jersey number was 17.

The first Kyle Zuleg Foundation Scholarship was announced on May 25, 2011 at Neuqua's Senior Awards Assembly. The first recipient of the scholarship was Jack Korte. Jack will be attending University of Missouri and will be majoring in media communications. The scholarship will be given out annually to District 203 and 204 high schools as well as Benet Academy. To apply for a scholarship please refer to your school website where scholarships are listed.

2018 Scholarship Winners

Anna Hughes - Benet Academy
Matthew Schlifke - Metea Valley
Riddhi Andurkar - Naperville Central
Jacob de Waard - Naperville North
Avery Champion - Neuqua Valley
Sophia Morano - Waubonsie Valley

2017 Scholarship Winners

Sofia Godinez - Benet Academy
Sydney Moran - Metea Valley
Alexis Haskell - Naperville Central
Will Trubshaw - Naperville North
Scott Anderson - Neuqua Valley
Vicram Chatterjee - Waubonsie Valley

2016 Scholarship Winners

Hannah Gabaldon - Metea Valley
Maya Fenter - Naperville Central
Alexandra Keenan - Naperville North
Jessica Boudreau - Neuqua Valley
Alyssa Pappas - Waubonsie Valley

2015 Scholarship Winners
Ashley Follenweider - Benet Academy
Enrique Lopez
- Metea Valley
Kian Krashesky - Naperville Central
Jakob Wastek - Naperville North
John Georganas - Neuqua Valley
Natalie Carvallo - Waubonsie Valley

2014 Scholarship Winners
Desirèe Savini - Benet Academy
Enrique Lopez
- Metea Valley
Shelbey Vandenbroucke - Naperville Central
Allie Pecorin - Naperville North
Olivia Schmitt - Neuqua Valley
Taylor Demming - Waubonsie Valley

2013 Scholarship Winners
Mark Kim - Naperville Central
Melanie Schnell - Naperville North
Jeffrey Ohmer - Neuqua Valley
Brianna Gaulding - Waubonsie Valley
Eric Katz - Metea Valley

2012 Recipients
Devin Holland - Naperville Central
Vaaeza Shahab - Naperville North
David Titiner - Metea Valley
Taylor Eggenberger - Waubonsie Valley
Caroline O'Reilly - Neuqua Valley

In honor of Kyle being a 2012 graduate, additional scholarships were given to the following Neuqua Valley students:
Jack Amaro, Janelle Domek, Karli Eaton, Blake Grigsby, Alexis Keeley,
Kristin Rohlwing
and Alyssa Sierra

2011 Recipient
Jack Korte - Neuqua Valley

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